Volunteer Ambassador Program


Mountain Ambassadors are often the first people our visitors encounter when arriving at the resort. As a volunteer Ambassador, you will be extending hospitality and relating information regarding the many services offered in Mt. Bachelor’s day lodges, restaurants, ski school and rentals. And as anyone would expect, the volunteer Mountain Ambassadors are the most informed individuals on the hill when it comes to our lift/trail system. Are you outgoing, friendly and familiar with all that Mt. Bachelor and the Central Oregon area has to offer?  If your answer is "yes", then you're a great candidate for Mt. Bachelor's Volunteer Ambassador Program!

Volunteer Classifications


These are our volunteer Ambassadors who meet and greet our visitors at the lodges and on the slopes. As the title implies, the Mountain Ambassadors duties involve providing hospitality, information and incident management at stations all over the resort. Our Mountain Ambassadors are assigned duties inside and outside our lodges, at the top and bottom of our lifts and out on the slopes from Sunrise to Outback.

Your goal, wherever your duty station assignment takes you, is to spread hospitality to our guests and provide them with the information they need to have the best possible experience while visiting Mt Bachelor.


The volunteer Guest Research Ambassadors conduct surveys in our lodges, lift lines, on the lifts and wherever our guests may congregate (i.e. at special events/competitions). Guest Research Ambassadors will not have the on-slope duties of our Mountain Ambassadors. However, these volunteers will need at least high intermediate skiing/riding skills and be capable of skiing/riding the "front side" trails in all weather conditions.

Guest Research Ambassadors will receive the same guest service training as the Mountain Ambassadors. We want all of our Ambassadors to understand Mt Bachelor's infrastructure, the locations of the various services Mt. Bachelor provides, as well as a clear understanding of our lifts and trails.

Anyone interested in joining the volunteer Guest Research Ambassador team should feel comfortable approaching guests, as well as feel comfortable when a guest expresses both positive and negative feedback about their experience at Mt. Bachelor.


Volunteer Ambassadors must commit to two training days and 22 duty days. You will be volunteering 5 days a month from December through March and at least 2 days in April. Winter holidays, Presidents' and MLK weekends and Spring Break weeks are priority volunteer periods. A duty day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.

•    Ambassadors are required to have a current certification in First Aid and CPR.
•    All Mt. Bachelor volunteer Ambassadors are required to join the National Ski Patrol "Mountain Host Program" ($50.00 annual membership fee).

Volunteer Mountain Ambassadors are expected to be capable of skiing/snowboarding any named run on the front side of Mt. Bachelor in all weather conditions. However, a volunteer duty day does not always include skiing/riding.


The Mountain Ambassador program is a structured day involving varied duty stations. These duties may include but are not limited to: Ticket lines and base areas, Concierge Desk, lodge duties, top of lifts and approved runs. Though a volunteer duty day does not always include skiing/riding, Mountain Ambassadors and Guest Research Ambassadors are expected to be capable of skiing any named run on the front side and Outback lift systems in all weather conditions.

Guest Research Ambassadors conduct surveys in areas where our guests congregate, providing the sampling pools needed for accurate feedback. Every high traffic area at the resort is a potential duty station for our Guest Research volunteers.


Individuals accepted into the program receive a complimentary "Volunteer Season Pass", allowing access to the lifts and use of Mt. Bachelor terrain. These passes are valid through the 2016-2017 winter season. Volunteer passes do not include many of the benefits associated with an employee season pass.

Ambassadors also receive a Season Bus Pass, a discount on food & beverage on their duty days, a locker and a Mt. Bachelor uniform.


The application process is now closed for the 2016-2017 winter season. Thank you for your interest.