Welcome to Mt. Bachelor's multi-week Gravity School lesson program update page, where you can find the latest information about program changes on a week-to-week basis. This page is designed for those parents who have kids in the multi-week Mighty Mites, Mighty Riders, All Mountain Skiers and All Mountain Riders programs.

Check this page every Friday after 12:00 p.m. for updates regarding instructor assignments, meeting locations and other special circumstances. From time to time, we will also post answers to frequently asked questions.

If you still have questions after reading the information below, you can EMAIL us. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructor assignments for the second week (January 13-14) of Sessions 2 and 3.


In advance of the first day of lessons, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following:


Please read the Terms and Conditions document.


All Gravity School ski and snowboard programs (and Childcare) have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or change a lesson or childcare reservation, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the lesson or child care date, contact us at 541-382-1709.

Specific to multi-week lesson programs:

  • Cancellations are allowed without penalty with at least 24 hours of notice prior to the session start date/time.
  • Cancellations/changes within 24 hours of the session start date/time are subject to a $25 cancellation/change fee, to be subtracted from the refund amount. 
  • There are no refunds for any session that has started or is underway.
  • Once a session begins, changes are not allowed. Although the nine-week programs are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, children cannot mix & match Saturday and Sunday attendance. All Session 2 participants must attend only on Saturdays while all Session 3 participants must attend only on Sundays. 
  • The program fee is structured such that each enrolled participant is paying for the option to attend every lesson day offered during the session. Mt. Bachelor is reserving a spot for your child each day of the session and Mt. Bachelor cannot resell any vacated spots once a session begins. Accordingly, program fees are not pro-rated on a per-day basis and there shall be no provision for partial refunds in the event a child misses one or more lesson days.
  • There are no make-up days for individuals who miss a lesson day.
  • In the rare event of a full mountain closure on a lesson day, Mt. Bachelor will designate a make-up day for all affected session participants. If a student cannot or chooses not to participate on the designated make-up day, there will be no additional make-up days provided. 


View the West Village Base Area Map, showing the 15 minute drop off zone, where to buy tickets if needed and the lesson locations for students. Lift tickets and season passes are ONLY available in the Mountain Gateway building.

We highly recommend you arrive early for lessons. Please allow enough drive time to the mountain accounting for slow travel and a congested road.

ALL MOUNTAIN SKIERS (ages 6-14) and ALL MOUNTAIN RIDERS (ages 7-14):

Check-in begins at 9:15 a.m. Meet outside, on snow, near the carpet conveyor lift and yurts at West Village. Please look for the colored flags and signs that designate the applicable programs. All Mountain Skiers & Riders meet on the right side of the Yurts. Colorful flags will designate ages within the level. Please take your child to the appropriate level inside their designated program. Within the more advanced levels, coaches will determine which students want more of an all mountain experience or those who are looking for some freeride experience.

Instruction begins at 9:30 a.m.

MIGHTY MITES (skiers ages 4-5) and MIGHTY RIDERS (snowboarders ages 5-6):

Check-in begins at 9:45 a.m. Meet outside, on snow, near the carpet conveyor lift and yurts at West Village. Please look for the colored flags and signs that designate the applicable programs. Mighty Mites & Mighty Riders meet by the blue fences.

Instruction begins at 10:00 a.m.


  • Remember to pack a bag lunch for your child.  Please no fancy lunch boxes.  A plastic bag works the best since coaches need to fit all the lunches in their backpacks.  
  • Dress appropriately for the weather: weatherproof jacket and pants, under-layers, gloves, face masks, sunscreen etc. Extra layers are always helpful. Label all of your children’s clothing, lunches, skis, snowboards, etc.  
  • Rental or own equipment - labeled with your child’s name (duct tape works well).
  • Helmets are required for all youth lesson participants.
  • We do not pre-assign groups.  If your child wants to be in the same group as a friend please show up the first week together so they can check in with an instructor at the same time. 
  • Being on time is very important.  After the start time groups disperse around the mountain and meeting up can be difficult.  
  • You are expected to show up on the discipline that you signed up for.  All Mountain Skiers and Mighty Mites are skiing programs.  All Mountain Riders and Mighty Riders are snowboard programs.   
  • Other than drop off and pick up we ask that all parents stay outside of the fenced area.  
  • At the end of the day meet your child's group at the lesson sign where you dropped them off. It is very hard to keep classes together with parents intercepting kids on their way to the meeting area.
  • Pick up is at 3:00, please be on time or a few minutes early.  Many instructors have commitments in the evening and need to be able to catch a bus back to town.    
  • You need to sign out with the instructor before taking your child.
  • Make sure you know the name of the instructor. 


Here are the instructors assigned to teach the weekend of January 13-14, based on ability level:


MIGHTY MITES (skiers ages 4-5) - SATURDAY (Session 2)

Level 1: Kalen Pegeder, Kerry Sheehan, Michael Baghdadi, Molly Newbern, Nathanael Lewit, Pete Haglund, Thomas Johnstone, Victoria Kohner-Flanagan, Zac Scheuerman

Level +1: Sarah Owen

Level 2: Mark White, Young Choi, Karen Busick, Lauren Eikenberry, Jim Stinger, Emily Hess

Level 3: Jack Maxson (Taking over Coach Kim’s Class), Cameron Ferguson, Bonnie Evenson, JP Avery, Madeleine Edwards, Patrick Donahue, Jillian Webster

Level 4: Tommy Longo, Andrea Casey

Level 5 and Above: Perry Freund


MIGHTY MITES (skiers ages 4-5) - SUNDAY (Session 3)

Level 1: Kalen Pegeder, Kerry Sheehan, Mark White, Michael Baghdadi, Nicole Chastang, Pete Haglund, Sydney Hoeper, Mike Wanger, Zac Scheuerman

Level +1: Will Catania

Level 2: Jim Stinger, Kathryn Pfeil, Sarah Lowe

Level 3: Molly Newbern, John Maxson, Karen Busick, Kimberly Corey, Sarah Owen, Andrea Casey

Level 4: Bonnie Evenson, Jamie Carter, Patrick Donahue

Level 5 and Above: Perry Freund, Kristen Ales


MIGHTY RIDERS (snowboarders ages 5-6) - SATURDAY (Session 2)

Level 1: Leana Leo

Level 2: Kelly Vance, Melissa Hamilton


ALL MOUNTAIN SKIERS (skiers ages 6-14) - SATURDAY (Session 2)

Level 1: Virginie Calme

Level 2: Will Catania (6yrs) Lou Bauer (6-8yrs), Marty Flaherty (9-13yrs)

Level 3: Corbin Pitts (6-8yrs), Travis Tuttle (7-8yrs), Thad Rice (9-10yrs), Darius Marvasti (11yrs+)

Level 4: Lindsay Olin (6yrs), Matt Charlsworth (6-7yrs), Todd Kirkham (7yrs), Noah Brooks (7yrs), Jamie Carter (7yrs), James Dirosa (7-8yrs), JD Cornutt (7-8yrs), Brady Sherwood (7-9yrs), David Greene (9-10yrs), Wade Anderson (9-10yrs), Heather Wiley (10-12yrs)

Level 5: James Domings (6-8yrs), Chris Madison (6-8yrs), Jeff Poirier (6-8yrs), Kent Golding (6-8yrs), Dave King (9-10yrs), Charlie Cornish (9-10yrs)

Level 6: Wren Bruton (6-8yrs), Erik Hotvedt (7-8yrs), George Crown (8-10yrs)

Black Diamond Club: Tory Smith (6yrs), Chris Lundberg (7-8yrs), Steve Pfeifer (9yrs), Roger Haffner (10-12yrs), Jason Ewart (13-14yrs), Jacob Salber (Freeski all ages)


ALL MOUNTAIN SKIERS (skiers ages 6-14) - SUNDAY (Session 3)

Level 1: Audrey Rycewicz (6-9yrs), Erin Hullinger (10yrs+)

Level 2: Jacob Serfaty (6-8yrs), Christian Braren (8-10yrs)

Level 3: Roger Haffner (6-7yrs), Ryan Crouter (6-7yrs), Chloa Ulrich (6-7yrs),  Sarah Wolcott (6-7yrs), Cole Pacelli (7-9yrs), Lou Bauer (8-10yrs), Pat Smith (7-9yrs), Martin Flaherty (10yrs+)

Level 4: Eileen Kiely (6-7yrs), Corbin Pitts (6-7yrs), Chloa Ulrich (6-7yrs), Evan Whitehead (7-9yrs),  Will Catania (6-7yrs), Marieke Hutt (6-7yrs) Darius Marvasti (8-9yrs), James Dirosa (8-9yrs), Brendan Leary (8-9yrs), Matt Charlsworth (9-10yrs), Cameron Ellsworth (10-12yrs), Jakob Bear

Level 5: Lindsay Olin (6-7yrs), Jeff Poirier (7-8yrs), Jim Domings (8-9yrs), Kent Golding (8-9yrs), Charlie Cornish (7-8yrs), Vencil Overland (8-9yrs), Chris Lundberg (10yrs+)

Level 6: Cameron Ferguson (6-7yrs), Jason Ewart (7-9yrs), Dan Butters (8-10yrs), Brian Keith (8-10yrs), Noah Brooks (8-10yrs), Wade Anderson (11-13yrs)

Black Diamond Club: Steve Pfeifer (6-8yrs), Chris Madison (8-10yrs)


ALL MOUNTAIN RIDERS (snowboarders ages 7-14) - SATURDAY (Session 2)

Level 1: Andre Rocha

Level 2: Chad Wolf, Cat Wilcox

Level 3: Matt Gibson

Level 4: Teresa Catlow, Chris Moore

Level 5: Taylor Anderson

Level 6 & Black Diamond Club: Chris Sherman


ALL MOUNTAIN RIDERS (snowboarders ages 7-14) - SUNDAY (Session 3)

Level 1: Lane Cuneo

Level 2: Shad Payne-Meyer, Chad Wolf

Level 3: Matt Gibson

Level 4: Chris Moore

Level 5: Taylor Anderson

Level 6 & Black Diamond Club: Chris Sherman