1928 Winter sports in the Cascades begins when Scandinavian lumber workers who came to central Oregon from the Great Lakes States and from Europe, form the Bend Skyliners Mountaineering Club, a ski jump 11 miles west of Bend – original members include: Nels Skjersaa, Emil Nordeen, Nils Wulfberg, and Chris Kostol
1940's During World War II, Americans learned a great deal about European mountaineering through combat in the Alps. The Army created the 10th Mountain Division as an elite force of ski-troopers. Veterans of this organization influenced the winter sports business throughout the United States after the war.
1950's Bill Healy, who had skied in the Cascades prior to his service with the 10th Mountain Division, moves his furniture business from Portland to Bend and becomes active in the Skyliners.
1956 The dream of turning Bachelor Butte into a ski resort is born in the hearts of Healy and Gene Gillis, another Skyliner member, on a Sunday afternoon on Healy’s front porch.
1957 Mt Bachelor, Inc. is formed – Bill Healy serves as President, Phillip Gould Vice as President, Dr. Bradford N. Pease as Treasurer and Richard H.M. Hickok as Secretary. Don Peters, a USFS and Skyliner member, tackles the environmental side of the dream, Healy works on funding.

After an environmental study involving a few Skyliners members and the Soil Conservation Service, Bachelor Butte is deemed to be the perfect location for a ski area with a snowpack of 17 feet per year and a location on the dry, eastern side of the Cascades, its potential for powder snow and sunshine provided ideal characteristics for a successful operation. A 30-year special use permit is granted by the USFS.

$25 shares are sold to 180 people to produce the $100,000 needed for start-up. No small task in a town of 12,000. Bachelor Butte ski area opens Oct. 18 with one 3,900 foot pomalift, two rope tows and a 30 x 50-foot day lodge, named Egan Lodge after Forest Service supervisor, James Egan. The opening is marked with an official ceremony on Dec. 19.

1958-59 29,000 skier visits, open 86 days. Heavy snow blocked the use of the slopes on 5 days. Daily tickets are $3, individual season passes are $50 and family season passes are $85. Cliff Blann serves as manager of Bachelor Butte.
1959-60 38,000 skier visits.
1962 The first chairlift is installed, appropriately titled Chair #1 (later named Black chair), which rises to an elevation of 7,700 feet. The project cost an astronomical $100,000, the same price as the initial resort start-up.
1963-64 90,000 skier visits.
1964-65 127,000 skier visits.
1965 Red double chair is installed and a new day lodge called the Main Lodge opens. The cost of the Main Lodge is $250,000.
1966 Yellow double chair and new overnight lodge, the Main Lodge, opens. It would late become West Village Lodge.
1970 Blue Lodge and lift are built. The chair alone cost $320,000.
1971 Overnight lodging ends with the lodge remodeled to become the Main Lodge for day skiers; New parking lot constructed on the downhill side of the Main Lodge with the slopeside lodge parking and Egan parking areas removed; Shuttle buses added. 163,000 skier visits.
1973 Green double chair (originally named Button chair) and Orange triple chair (originally named Murray Meadows chair) installed. At the time, the triple was the first of its kind in either Oregon or Washington. The same year, the Outback Trail Tour opens with cat ski operation west of Black Chair. Tickets to ride the cat back to the front side cost $1 each.
1974-75 257,000 skier visits.
1975 Ski Carpool Parking Lot is built at Mt. Bachelor Village with land, work, and equipment donated by local businessmen worried about the possible effects of a loss of winter tourists due to gas shortage.
1976 Outback double chairlift is installed.
1976-77 The Year of the Drought. Bachelor Butte is open January 2-February 14, February 26-April 30, and loss is estimated to cost the resort an estimated $4 million and takes 4 years to recover. The Nordic initiative begins. Main Lodge is expanded.
Late 1970's Egan Lodge suffers $70,000 in fire damage
1980 Rainbow triple chair, originally named Flycreek, added. Red triple chair replaces the original Red double chair.
1981 Sunrise Lodge, originally named Flycreek Lodge, and Sunrise triple chair, originally named Avalanche, are added.
1982-83 Bachelor Butte has over 500,000 skier visits.
1983 Summit Express triple chairlift is completed which extends the ski season in August. Ski area's name officially becomes Mt. Bachelor.
1984 Nordic day lodge is built.
1986 Pine Marten Express debuts as the first high-speed quad lift in the Northwest U.S., replacing the Black double chair.
1987 Outback Express quad lift opens with four new runs, Outback double chair retired. Guest Services building is built, allowing the Main Lodge area to be rebranded as West Village.
1988 Bill Healy steps down as President of Mt. Bachelor and is replaced by David Marsh. Pine Marten Lodge is built.
1989 Skyliner Express quad chairlift is added, replacing Blue and Green double chairs.
1991 Century Drive highway is expanded from two to four lanes from the Sunriver junction to the ski area.
1992 Bachelor Ski and Sport building is built at West Village.
1993 Bill Healy dies on October 26. Sunshine Accelerator express quad lift is added, replacing Orange triple chair. Sunrise triple chair replaced with express quad lift; original Sunrise triple chair relocated and shortened to become Carrousel chair.
1996 Northwest Express quad lift and 10 new runs open; Mt. Bachelor opens new transit center in Bend to transport skiers to the mountain.
1997 Summit Express triple converted to express quad lift.
1998 David March resigns as President and is replaced by Randy Pape.
1998-99 Mt. Bachelor receives a record of 606" of snowfall.
2000 Original Yellow double chair removed to make way for future Tubing area.
2001 Park City, Utah based Powdr Corp. purchases Mt. Bachelor Ski Area. Dan Rutherford, former Vice President, replaces Randy Pape as General Manager. Snowblast Tubing Park opens.
2005 West Village Lodge receives a $2,000,000 remodel. Clearing Rock Bar opens and replaces the Upper and Lower Castle Keep lounges.
2006 Pine Marten Express quad lift is replaced with a brand new express quad lift. Pine Marten Lodge closed for summer as a result. Sunrise and Summit lifts and Sunrise Lodge operate for summer sightseeing.
2007 Matt Janney replaces Dan Rutherford as General Manager.
2008 Dave Rathbun, formerly of Killington Resort in Vermont, replaces Matt Janney as General Manager. 50th anniversary of Mt. Bachelor. Several years of catchline work is completed, allowing for connected east & west catchlines, "around the world" catchline grooming and the opening of 160 new acres above the east catchline on the southeast side of Mt. Bachelor.
2010-11 Mt. Bachelor receives record high 665" of snowfall, surpassing the 606" record from 1998-99.
2012 Bachelor Butte Administration Building is built at West Village (finished in 2013). Mt. Bachelor enters an agreement with Cascade East Transit to provide bus service to/from the mountain. Reservations and Group Sales office relocated from SW Columbia to SW 13th.
2013 New 10 year Master Development Plan approved by the USFS. Approved projects include Summer Downhill Mountain Bike Park, Zip Line, eastside quad lift and trails, replacement of Rainbow and Sunrise lifts, new/larger Sunrise Lodge & expanded Sunrise parking, Alpine Race Training Center at West Village and West Village Lodge renovation/expansion. Construction begins on downhill mountain bike trails with a brief opening of the new bike park in September
2014 The first full summer season of downhill mountain biking at Mt. Bachelor
2016 John McLeod, previously director of finance, replaces Dave Rathbun as Mt. Bachelor's president and general manager. POWDR acquires Sun Country Tours rafting company in Bend and merges its operation into Mt. Bachelor's. Cloudchaser, Mt. Bachelor's eighth high-speed detachable quad, opens in December with 13 new runs and 630 acres of new intermediate and advanced terrain on the mountain's east side.