UPDATE: Friday, February 14

Summit's communication line is fully repaired and the lift is ready to reopen as soon as the weather allows. Thanks for your patience... and a special thanks to our mountain operations team, who braved some inhospitable weather conditions while executing the repair work!

UPDATE: Thursday, February 13

Great news... crews are just about finished with a successful repair of the communications line. They are going to run the lift on "night drive" (when the lift operates slowly without any chairs on it) overnight, and if there aren't any issues that arise, Summit will be cleared to reopen as soon as the weather allows.

ORIGINAL POST: Monday, February 10

For more than 48 hours last week, freezing rain coated chairlifts, trees, and equipment with a layer of ice more than 12” thick in places, particularly on the upper half of the mountain. Mt. Bachelor’s crews have worked tirelessly in recent days to deice the lifts, clear the runs of ice debris, and move dozens of trees felled by the ice storm. All of our lower-mountain chairlifts weathered the storm with only minor damage, with the last of the lower mountain lifts – Northwest – fully repaired and open as of Monday morning.

The Summit lift, however, did not fare as well. During the deicing process on Monday, mountain crews discovered significant damage to Summit’s communications line. This essential cable is what links the top and bottom terminals and the tower safety switches to the lift's electrical control system. The lift cannot safely operate without a functioning communications line.

Crews have started the repair work, but unfortunately it is not a quick or easy process. We know enough to say at this point that Summit will be closed these next two sunny days – Tuesday and Wednesday. Further beyond, Summit’s reopening will be dependent upon the repair progress and the weather of the day. We’ll maintain a link from our conditions page to this page, which will contain the latest, detailed information throughout Summit’s repair process.

We know many of you love all that Summit has to offer – from the smooth, high-speed cruising down Beverly Hills and Wanoga Way, to chuting the Pinnacles and floating through the powder in the backside bowls. The entire Mt. Bachelor team joins you in sharing the passion for our unique Summit experience. We want to get back up there soon, and our team will do everything possible to get Summit operational again as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience and in the meantime, we hope you can experience the excellent conditions right now on the lower mountain. It’s “hero snow” on the groomed runs and we’ll roll out the corduroy carpet each night on dozens of your favorite cruisers and in our expansive Woodward Mountain Park during this week’s sunny spell. We look forward to seeing you soon!