Buy Tickets Online and Save $10 Each

Mt. Bachelor lift tickets are priced to incentivize you to purchase your tickets online in advance of your visit to the mountain. For each lift ticket purchased online, you'll save $10 compared to the price of the same ticket offered at Mt. Bachelor ticket windows. And if you already have a OnePass media card, you can load your lift ticket to that card and go direct-to-lift... bypassing the mountain ticket windows completely.

Visit our Lift Tickets page to shop for tickets and prices.

When you're ready to purchase, visit our new online store. Create an account (or log-in if you've created a new account since 10/1/2018). After you're logged-in, you can shop for tickets, lessons, rentals and other services.

If you have a OnePass media card, input the card number during the online account creation process so that each time you purchase a ticket or pass, it will automatically load to that card and you can go direct-to-lift after purchasing online.

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