OUTPLAY 365 + Ikon Base Pass

Mt. Bachelor’s year-round, multi-sport, adventure pass is no longer available after the July 15, 2020 deadline. The Outplay 365 pass will be available again in spring 2021.

The Outplay 365 is now iconic. Unlock Year Round Adventure at the Pacific Northwest’s Largest Playground plus Ikon Base Pass winter destinations worldwide. The new Outplay 365 now includes the Ikon Base Pass, which allows you to seek 5 days of adventure at each Ikon Base Pass resort destination. The Outplay 365 Pass also includes UNLIMITED Alpine, Nordic and Mountain Bike access at Mt. Bachelor plus a Sun Country Tours Rafting Trip, and discounts on Mt. Bachelor's new ZipTour.


Our Passholder Promise

Our Passholder Promise

Our Outplay 365 all season, unlimited subscription pass allows you to pay monthly. Initial payment includes deposit plus first month fees. Your next payment will be charged on August 1, 2020 and each month thereafter.

Subscription Products (Outplay 365) voucher values will be determined on a pro-rata formula based on the monthly price of the subscription product multiplied by the number of days lost due to a COVID-19-related interruption in a month where the credit triggered occurred.

Example 1: Chris purchased an OutPlay 365 Pass and pays $119 per month during the Subscription Period. A Credit Prompt occurred resulting in a Resort Closure of 15 non-consecutive days in February. Chris receives a credit on his monthly payment for April equal to $64 making the monthly April charge to Chris $55: (15/28)*$119 = $64.

Example 2: Maria purchased an Outplay 365 Pass and pays $84 per month during the subscription period. A Credit Prompt occurred resulting in a resort closure of the entire month of January during the subscription period. Maria will receive a credit on her monthly payment for March equal to $84 making the monthly March charge to Maria $0.

Example 3: Zoe purchased an Outplay 365 Pass and paid $1,428 in full for it in June, 2020. A credit prompt occurred resulting in a resort closure of the entire month of January and 15 non-consecutive days in February, 2021. Zoe will receive a credit to her passholder account in June, 2021 equal to $183: (($119) + (15/28)*$119)) = $183.

  • The voucher will be good for use on a Mt. Bachelor season or multi-day pass of equal or greater value to the 2020/21 pass held, through the 2021/22 season.
  • All qualifying season passholders will automatically receive the voucher in their passholder profile / be emailed with their voucher information.


JULY 15, 2020 — Deadline to buy an Outplay 365. After July 15, Outplay 365 will not be available for purchase again until spring 2021.

JULY 15, 2020 THROUGH MAY 1, 2021 — Monthly subscription fee charged on the 1st day of each month, from August 2020 through May, 2021.


Each Outplay 365 purchaser receives the following:

  • Unlimited alpine skiing/snowboarding and lift access during Mt. Bachelor's 2020/21 winter season.
  • Ikon Base Pass unlocking access to over 40 world class ski resorts with unlimited access to 14 destinations and up to 5 days each at 25 destinations worldwide.
  • Unlimited Nordic skiing during Mt. Bachelor's 2020/21 Nordic winter season, tentatively planned for late November 2019 through late May 2020
  • Unlimited downhill mountain bike park access during Mt. Bachelor's 2020 summer season.
  • One free Big Eddy Thriller rafting trip with Sun Country Tours during the 2020 summer season or spring 2021 season. Advance booking is required (call 541-382-1709 to reserve) and the trip must be taken / booked no later than May 31, 2021.
  • Unlimited Scenic Lift Rides on Mt. Bachelor’s Pine Marten Lift valid for Summer 2020.
  • Two 50% discount rides on ZipTour zip line , Mt. Bachelor’s newest adventure.

Outplay 365 is available in two payment options: a monthly subscription with auto-billing to a credit card, or payment-in-full at the time of purchase. Specific to the monthly subscription option, there is no service charge and the payment due at the time of purchase covers the deposit and first month payment. And by purchasing this product on the monthly subscription plan, you agree to let Mt. Bachelor auto-charge your credit card for the full 12-month term - next payment being on August 1, 2020 and the final payment on May 1, 2021.

  Monthly Annual
Adult 23-64 $119 $1,428
Young Adult 19-22 $79 $948
Teen 13-18 $64 $768
Youth 6-12 $49 $588
Senior 65-69 $84 $1008
Senior 70+ $64 $768

2020/21 Deadline Passed - Available Spring 2021 Learn More about Ikon Base Pass


For Outplay 365 + Ikon Base Pass, a person's age as of January 1, 2021 will determine age-group eligibility.


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