Nordic Conditions Report

Tuesday December 10, 2019 Last update 08:09 a.m.

Our 2018-19 Nordic season has concluded. We'll see you again in November!

This very well may be the finale in a string of days with glorious weather and challenging snow. A winter blast is headed our way to refresh the trails and replenish our stoke. But, in the meantime, consider this challenge an opportunity to become a more technical and skillful skier.

Practice patience and attentiveness on the descents. Absorb undulations, embrace side slopes, and be light and quick on your feet. Once the snow arrives and the Nordic trails resume their usual splendor, you just may find yourself skiing with a bit more grace and confidence than in years past. So, you're welcome? ;) 

The early season terrain was groomed with skate corduroy overnight and is sporting signs of the freeze-thaw cycle as well as low-snow irregularities. Nice stretches of packed powder can be found in the trees while transformed snow extends through the sunnier sections of the network. Classic track setting is still in progress and will wrap up around 9AM. (The tracks are shallow, but quite skiable and better than yesterday!)

The trail roster for the day include the Uppers, Screamer, Easy Up, and the Rabbit Ears (Woody's - Easy Back loop and Woody's - Upper Devecka's loop). The air temp is 23* and the snow is 15.5*. The current base snowpack measures 14". Fingers crossed that we are sitting pretty by the weekend with a fresh foot or two of snow to add to that tally! 

Nordic Cam

Our camera is located in the Nordic area. The image updates every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Snow Conditions

Current Conditions

air temperature (F)
snow temperature (F)
relative humidity (%)


Since 3pm yesterday
24 Hour
3 Day
snowfall since
Nov 29

Groomed AM
Groomed PM
  • Warm Up
    0.2 km
  • Dutchman's Loop
    1 km
  • Beginner's Luck
    0.5 km
  • First Time Around
    0.3 km
  • Soccer Field
    0 km
  • Oval
    0 km
  • Common Corridor
    0 km
  • Easy Up
    0 km
  • Screamer
    0 km
  • Woody's Way
    7 km
  • Devecka's Dive (Upper)
    4 km
  • Easy Back
    6 km
  • ZigZag
    6 km
  • Blue Jay's Way
    2.5 km
  • Rich's Range Route
    2.5 km
  • Old Maid
    0 km
  • Waterfall
    0 km
  • Devecka's Dive (Lower)
    4 km
  • Leslie's Lunge
    10 km
  • Oli's Alley
    12 km
  • Todd Creek
    0 km