Ready to drop in? Before you begin shopping for the Season Pass that is right for you, be sure to copy your voucher number down and review the step-by-step process on how to login and reset your password (a requirement for all customers). You should be good to go from there, but if needed, below is a step-by-step and troubleshooting product purchasing guide. That said, we’re here for you and if you have ANY questions, feel free to text us at 541-382-1709!



If you have never purchased a product through our online webstore before - OR - have not accessed your Mt. Bachelor customer profile online in the past year, please select CREATE AN ACCOUNT. On the following screen, complete all fields under Account Details and then select “ Create Account ”.

For returning Mt. Bachelor online customers, scroll to the bottom of the Sign In box and click FIND YOUR ACCOUNT under “ Been Here Before? ”. On the following screen, enter your full name and the email address you have previously used to login to our webstore. Next, enter the 4-digit code sent to your email in order to retrieve your account. (You may also locate your account via name and date of birth or by entering the scan code on the front of your pass from last season). Once your account has been located, reset your password and select “ Create Account ”.

log in to the mt. bachelor webstore


Before you begin shopping for passes or products visit your account and copy your voucher ID number.

1. Click MY ACCOUNT from the main navigation bar and make sure the personal information for all group members registered under your online account is correct. You may also add pass photos and additional group members at this time.

2. Select “ Vouchers ” from the left hand navigation to view vouchers available for redemption under your account. If your account is not showing any valid vouchers and you believe there should be a voucher assigned to your account, please call 541-382-1709.

3. COPY ID NUMBERS FOR ALL VOUCHERS THAT YOU PLAN TO USE for this purchase onto your clipboard — OR — write them down. You will need these codes during checkout.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you return to this screen during checkout to collect your voucher IDs, all items in your cart will be removed and you will need to repeat the buying process.


Select “ I’m looking for – PASSES ” from the main navigation bar to begin shopping pass products currently available for purchase for Winter 2020-21 and Summer 2020. Each product card on the menu displays the pricing for an Adult Pass or, in the case of payment plan products, the price of the first payment owed on an Adult Pass. Click any product card to learn more about a pass’s perks, valid dates of use and to view pricing for all other applicable age groups.

1. Select your product for the appropriate age bracket and add to cart. You will be able to assign each product to a specific group member once you begin to checkout. 

2. To add more products, return to the main pass menu by clicking “ Back to Alpine Passes ”.

3. Once all products have been selected and added to cart, click the CHECKOUT button.

shop now


To start the checkout process, begin to assign each product in your cart to the corresponding group member from the SELECT GROUP  dropdown menu on each product. You may add any non-existing group members at this time as well. If any products selected are incorrect, select “ Back to Shop ” to return to the Pass Product menu and edit your cart.

Please remember that if you have vouchers to use for this purchase, you MUST copy the codes from your MY ACCOUNT page before proceeding to the final checkout screen.


Group members that have either never visited Mt. Bachelor or do not have an active pass code from a previous season on file with us will automatically be assigned a new pass.

  • If there is a passcode assigned to your name and you DO have your pass from the previous season, please have it handy to verify the pass card’s code we show as active on your account matches the card that is in your possession. You may leave “ Reload Pass ” selected.
  • If there is a passcode assigned to your name and it DOES NOT match the code on the card in your possession — OR — if you no longer have your pass from a previous season in your possession anymore, please select “ Add New Pass ” to receive a replacement pass for the upcoming season.


You must sign all waivers for every group member before proceeding on to review your options for pass delivery/pick-up. The option to “ Ship ” your pass is only available for Winter 2020/21 product purchases. If you have your pass from the previous season and it matched the passcode we have on file, you will not be requiring a new pass and your old pass will be reloaded with your new product. Please select “ Pickup ” on the Delivery screen. After checkout, your pass will be active and you can take it directly to the lifts on your first day of skiing, riding or biking! 

For any products in your order that require a new pass:

  • If you choose to have passes delivered via mail, please note that ALL products with SHIP  selected will be mailed to the same address. You may not enter separate delivery addresses for different group members. Passes will be mailed prior to 11/1/2020.
  • If you choose to pick-up your new pass(es), that option will be available after 10/31/2020 at any of our ticket & sales service centers in Bend, Sunriver, or the Mountain Gateway building in West Village Base area at the mountain during their respective operating hours.


1. Enter voucher codes one at a time into the “ Gift Card or Voucher ” box and click APPLY . Remaining balance owed on your order will be reflected at the bottom of the Order Summary.

2. Please check to make sure all products and pricing is accurate and that vouchers are reflected correctly before entering payment and billing information.

3. Click CONTINUE  to proceed to the order confirmation screen and finalize your order.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email within 24-hours of purchase.