We hope the answers below answer any questions you might have about Woodward, Woodward at Mt. Bachelor, Woodward Mountain Park and Woodward Peace Park. If you still have questions that aren't answered here, email us at info@mtbachelor.com or text/call us at 541-382-1709.

What is a Woodward Mountain Park?

A signature experience at Mt. Bachelor, the Woodward Mountain Park is a network of terrain feature zones that offer a fully balanced variety of on-mountain experiences. It starts with base area learning zones and gradually progress in size and difficulty culminating in best-in-class terrain parks and elite athlete training zones. Our Woodward Mountain Park leverages the unique topography of our mountain and offers a fun and intuitive on-mountain experience creating next level fun!

How does one experience a Woodward Mountain Park?

Each Woodward Mountain Park starts with base area learning zones, and then moves up and down the mountain through an artfully constructed routing that connects the entire fun and flowing experience offering an all-sensory journey that is ultimately controlled by each guest’s freedom of personal movement and customizable lines. The focus is on fun while allowing for pathways to individual progression. Guests can choose their own adventure and set their own pace based on skill level or interest level.

What’s included in a Woodward Mountain Park?

Each Woodward Mountain Park is unique because it is designed specifically to the local mountain’s terrain and flow. Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor includes Learning venues (Woodward Start Parks and Woodward Progression Parks), Experiential venues (Woodward Peace Park, Adventure Zones, Family Cross) and Performance venues.

How are Woodward Mountain Parks different from terrain parks?

Unlike typical terrain parks, Woodward Mountain Parks include different themed on-mountain experiences that vary in difficulty. A Woodward Mountain Park starts with a learning zone and gradually works its way up the mountain through an artfully constructed routing that connects the entire fun and flowing experience. Included are featured terrain offerings and a focus on inclusivity and creativity, thereby welcoming guests of all ages and abilities.

Who are Woodward Mountain Parks for?

Woodward Mountain Parks are for EVERYONE looking for a unique, liberating on-mountain experience that allows each person to find their own line. Whether a skier or a snowboarder, a first-timer or a seasoned veteran in the snowsports world, Woodward Mountain Parks offer something for a wide variety of guests.

Is Woodward Mountain Park part of Gravity School lesson programs at Mt. Bachelor?

Because Woodward Mountain Park will include a Woodward Start Park and Woodward Progression zones that are unlike any other "learn-to" experience anywhere, Gravity School will have access to Woodward Mountain Parks for lessons and teaching. Woodward Mountain Park is for everyone, though; it is not exclusive to lesson programs and being in a lesson is not required in order to enjoy the Park, terrain and features. Vice versa, Gravity School lessons may not be exclusively within Woodward Mountain Parks.

Where are Woodward Mountain Parks located?

Woodward Mountain Parks are only available at POWDR mountain resorts. In addition to Mt. Bachelor, Woodward Mountain Parks will debut in winter 2019-20 at at Copper Mountain Resort, CO, Killington Resort, VT, Eldora Mountain Resort, CO, Boreal Mountain, CA, and Woodward Park City, UT.

Will Mt. Bachelor still have other, non Woodward Mountain Parks (such as “traditional” terrain parks)?

Starting during the 2019-20 season, all terrain parks will be included within the Woodward Mountain Park. “Traditional” terrain park zones are included in each Woodward Mountain Park but they will be designed and built by best-in-class teams (including our Built by Woodward resort teams, Effective Edge and Snow Park Technologies) in “unconventional" ways. Terrain park enthusiasts should get ready to experience these "mountain takeovers" in a whole new way, with an edge only Woodward can provide that flows, progresses, and is fun for anyone at any level.

When will Woodward Mountain Park be open?

The various venues comprising Mt. Bachelor's Woodward Mountain Park will open during the 2019-20 winter season pending weather and as conditions allow. Once built and open, each venue within Woodward Mountain Park will be scheduled to operate daily, conditions permitting.

Why is Mt. Bachelor launching these?

Mt. Bachelor is owned by POWDR, an adventure lifestyle company whose mission is to deliver memorable experiences, enhance people’s lives and have fun doing it. Woodward Mountain Park is one way we hope to further empower and inspire the next generation of action sports and provide fun above all else.

How much does it cost to ride in a Woodward Mountain Park?

Mt. Bachelor's Woodward Start Park and the First Rays conveyor carpet next to Sunrise Lodge are FREE for all guests to ride! Please pick up a free access ticket from Sunrise Lodge. The rest of Woodward Mountain Park will be accessible with all Mt. Bachelor season passes and lift tickets as per the usage allowances with each ticket/pass product. There is no extra cost to ride in Woodward Mountain Park.

Is Woodward Mountain Park access included in my season pass / day ticket price?

Yes. Woodward Mountain Parks will be accessible with a regular resort lift ticket or season pass. Additionally, Mt. Bachelor will offer a $39 (online) Learning Progression lift ticket that allows access to the First Rays and Lava Tube carpets and the Early Riser and Alpenglow chairlifts at the Sunrise base area, and the Little Pine lift at the West Village base area. The Woodward Mountain Park venues accessible in these areas include the Start Park, Progression Parks / and //, and the Volcano Adventure Park.

What is a Woodward Start Park?

A playground atmosphere on snow filled with fun, entry-level learning terrain, a Woodward Start Park is where first-time skiers and riders start their journey as a Woodward athlete. Designed and built on a virtually flat footprint to effortlessly guide users through each section, the Woodward Start Park is a playground of learning features aimed at controlling speed while gradually raising the bar-making for the smoothest transition in learning experiences.

What are Woodward Progression Parks?

After building basic familiarity for sliding on snow, skiers and riders will advance to the Woodward Progression Parks, which includes three phases: Progression Park One, Progression Park Two, and Progression Park Three. Progression Park One features gentle, contoured terrain that leads into Progression Park Two, which gradually introduces more contoured terrain that helps build confidence while having fun on features designed to accelerate learning. From there, skiers and riders will be ready to venture out onto other parts of the mountain or opt for Progression Park Three, which includes staged opportunities to stop and drop into single, entry-level freestyle terrain features. Progression Park Three is designed to assist in learning how to navigate extra small freestyle terrain features before moving on to progressively more advanced experiential and performance freestyle features found elsewhere throughout Woodward Mountain Parks.

What is Woodward Peace Park?

Woodward Peace Park, a featured venue at Mt. Bachelor's Woodward Mountain Park, is a unique, ever-evolving terrain park designed to maximize creativity and progression with a focus on fun for shredders of all ages and abilities.