Summer Hiking

Season: Summer


If you plan to hike to the 9,065 foot summit, you can either start at the base of Pine Marten lift and hike all the way to the top, or take the Pine Marten Lift (chairlift ticket required) from the West Village base to the mid-mountain level at 7,775 feet and hike from there to the summit. Please be aware, however, that any hiking trails above the Pine Marten Lodge are uncontrolled and are not patrolled; you will be hiking at your own risk.


Mt. Bachelor is excited to announce a new hiking trail addition at Mt. Bachelor. The new trail begins at West Village (near the bottom of the Little Pine lift) meanders through the hemlock forest as it heads south, eventually intersecting the existing Sunrise-to-Summit hiking trail near the Marshmallow ski run. This is the new base-to-summit hiking route at Mt. Bachelor.

As part of this trail addition, hiking from the Sunrise base area has been permanently decommissioned and the parking area near the Sunrise base along Century Drive is permanently closed. Hikers should plan to begin their mountain ascent from West Village and use the new trail. The West Village Getback road also remains a hiking option, allowing for a "loop" hiking experience on the lower mountain with the new trail.

As you begin you ascent from West Village, look for the designated hiking trails marked by the "Uphill Route" yellow discs along the trails. The West Village Getback route starts near the bottom of the Pine Marten chairlift, while the new trail begins near the bottom of Little Pine lift. These disc markers do not extend along the full route to the Summit, but they will help get you started along the right path.

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  • Be aware of snowpack. Many of the trails will remain under heavy snowpack until mid-summer, sometimes later.
  • Due to the large amount of lava rock, we highly recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes or boots.
  • Be sure to dress in layers that can be easily added or removed. Central Oregon weather can change rapidly, especially at higher elevations. It is not uncommon to go from sun to rain and back again.
  • As with any hike, be prepared for all conditions.
  • Bring extra water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a long-sleeved layer or light jacket, as well as any other items typically brought on a hike.
  • Patrollers are stationed at mid-mountain during published chairlift hours of operation. If you choose to hike above the Pine Marten Lodge, please be aware that area is uncontrolled and not patrolled. You will be hiking at your own risk.


Did you forget something? Don’t worry, Gravity Sports has a variety of merchandise, including sunscreen, sunglasses, outerwear, signature wear and water bottles. Ski and snowboard gear is also available from the previous winter season and select merchandise is deeply discounted. More info HERE.




What to expect when biking, hiking, dining or enjoying the new Mt. Bachelor ZipTour zip line at Mt. Bachelor during summer 2020? We’re thrilled to open for our passholders and guests, with no current capacity constraints or required reservations beyond activities that typically require reservations (E.g. Sunset Dinner, zip line, Gravity Camps), but all guests need to be aware of new protocol and policies in place to maintain safety and physical distancing guidelines. Personal responsibility is a core action required to successfully maintain summer operations. Guests are expected to adhere to all guidelines set in place by Mt. Bachelor or will be asked to leave the resort and risk future pass suspension or issuance of a Notice of Exclusion / Trespass. We ask that everyone Be Kind, Be Smart and Be Respectful. See ya this summer