Zip Line

Season: Summer


Soar through the high alpine like never before with the addition of a zip line to Mt. Bachelor’s mountain experience. This dual-line, three-stage tour drops 1,400 vertical feet along the volcano’s slopes to make it the Northwest’s steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure.

Ride the wind at your own pace with the zip trolley’s self-controlled braking system and race your friends on two side-by-side lines on each zip span. The multi-stage tour launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet, above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift and allows riders to fly over open bowls, off-piste skiable terrain and Central Oregon's unique volcanic landscape.



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The zip line experience will begin in Mt. Bachelor’s West Village base area, the resort’s summer adventure hub. Expert guides will teach important safety principles and oversee a practice session on a short zip line in the staging area.

From there, enjoy a scenic 12-minute ride on the Pine Marten chairlift to halfway up the mountain and above the tree line at 7,800 feet of elevation.

Stage one of the zip line tour starts near the unloading area of the Pine Marten lift and descends toward the Skyliner lift, dropping 255 feet in elevation along its path. See Tumalo Mountain and Paulina Peak in the distance while traveling over a roller coaster-like landscape of ridges and ravines below.

Stage two, with awe-inspiring views of South Sister towering above the forest, angles back toward the Pine Marten lift while dropping an additional 263 feet.

Stage three, the final and longest stage, features the “Broken Top Drop,” the most-thrilling part of the experience. Spanning 3,443 feet with an 866-foot vertical plunge, end your Mt. Bachelor zip line tour on one of the longest, steepest, and fastest zip line spans in the Northwest.

Mt. Bachelor’s zip line will be manufactured by ZipRider®, one of the nation’s leading zip line architects. The specific ZipTour® model being installed will feature a patented trolley system that allows riders to control their speed of descent and customize their ride experience based on their comfort level.

All three stages will have dual spans, allowing competitive riders to race a partner to the bottom.

Construction is underway with a grand opening anticipated next spring. Once open, Mt. Bachelor expects to operate the zip line annually from May through October.


Anticipated opening in spring 2020

  Length Top Elevation Bottom Elevation Vertical Drop
Introductory Stage 125' 6,395' 6,295' 10'
Stage One 1,684' 7,748' 7,493' 255'
Stage Two 1,666' 7,497' 7,234' 263'
Stage Three 3,443' 7,248' 6,382' 866'
TOTAL 6,918' (1.3 miles) 7,748' 6,382' 1,384'