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Season: Summer

Welcome to the Mt. Bachelor Zip Tour

Reservations & Face Masks Required

Soar through the high alpine like never before with the addition of a zip line to Mt. Bachelor’s mountain experience. This dual-line, three-stage tour drops nearly 1,400 vertical feet along the volcano’s slopes to make it the Northwest’s steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure.

Ride at your own pace with the zip trolley’s self-controlled braking system and enjoy the thrill with your friends on two side-by-side lines on each span. The multi-stage tour launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet, above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift and allows riders to fly over open bowls, off-piste skiable terrain and Central Oregon's unique volcanic landscape.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2020 — In accordance with Governor Brown’s statewide face mask requirement for indoor spaces, Mt. Bachelor is also requiring all guests wear face masks/coverings on all zip line platforms, in lift lines, and while loading/exiting lifts.


Adults (13+) $99
Kids (10-12) $79

Reservations are required. Please click the button below to book your Zip Line Adventure.


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Mt. Bachelor aims to provide you with the best possible all-mountain experience in the Northwest. Mother Nature is truly in charge and weather can change rapidly at higher elevations. Zip line operations may be suspended wind gusting over 30 mph, ice and/or rime, moderate or heavy rain, lack of visibility from launch to landing stations, or any circumstances Mt. Bachelor deems it is unsafe to operate the zip line. If weather interrupts operations, we will reschedule or fully refund guests. Zip lining is a thrilling experience but in order to maintain a safe experience for all riders all safety policies and protocol must be followed.


Guest Requirements:

  • Guests must be a minimum of 10 years old and 48 inches in height and a maximum weight and height is 260 lbs. and 82 inches. Guests will be asked to step on a red/green scale to confirm weight requirements are met at both check-in and during safety training.
  • Children between the ages of 10 – 15 must be accompanied by an adult but must be able to participate independently of the adult.
  • Due to the interactive nature of the ZipTour ride and equipment and physical demands necessary to operate the ZipTour trolley, it is necessary for riders to have mental comprehension of the trolley operation and possess portions of both legs at least sufficient to be secured by the harness leg strap and at least one arm to operate the ZipTour trolley.
  • Closed toe, sturdy shoes are required by all guests. No river sandals or crocks.


Safety Precautions:

  • Through the check-in and safety protocol process, there may be unique circumstances where a guest may meet the weight requirements but will not properly fit into an XL harness. If Mt. Bachelor operators cannot properly fit a guest into an XL harness, the customer will not be allowed to participate on the ZipTour zip line. If a guest does not fit within our requirements, we would provide a full refund.
  • Zip riders will be instructed to ride with both hands on the brake control handle, which will prevent the use of a handheld camera. Guests may use a GoPro as long as it does not interfere with the ride equipment. Sticky GoPro mounts are not permitted on the helmet. Thigh strap GoPro is recommended as it does not interfere with safety and zip line experience.
  • Guests who are pregnant or may be pregnant should not ride the ZipTour zip line.
  • Persons who have recently had surgery or who suffer from chronic back, neck and/or spine problems are strongly advised to not take part in the ride.


Customer Journey – follow the zip line flags:

  • Check-in at Mountain Gateway a minimum of 20 minutes prior to scheduled zip line reservation.
  • Mountain Gateway check-in includes pre-screening confirming reservation time slot and initial green/red weight and height check-in.
  • Training, equipment fitting, test zip will take place in the West Village Base area based out of the North Yurt. The purpose of both the training zip is for the customer to learn how to properly operate the ZipTour trolley and to go through the entire process of loading, operating their trolley and riding a short span, and unloading before continuing the tour.
  • Ascend Pine Marten chairlift to 7,800 feet and meet zip line operators at the starting platform.
  • Zip away – three stages of thrilling fun back to the West Village Base area.


ZipTour zip line Stage Details:

  • All three stages will have dual spans – 6 feet 9 inches apart, allowing riders the thrill of riding with a partner.
  • Stage One of the zip line tour starts near the unloading area of the Pine Marten lift and descends toward the Skyliner lift, dropping 255 feet in elevation along its path. See Tumalo Mountain and Paulina Peak in the distance while traveling over a roller coaster-like landscape of ridges and ravines below.
  • Stage Two, with awe-inspiring views of South Sister towering above the forest, angles back toward the Pine Marten lift while dropping an additional 263 feet.
  • Stage Three, the final and longest stage, features the “Broken Top Drop,” the most-thrilling part of the experience. Spanning 3,443 feet with an 866-foot vertical plunge, end your Mt. Bachelor zip line tour on one of the longest, steepest, and fastest zip line spans in the Northwest.




  Length Top Elevation Bottom Elevation Vertical Drop
Introductory Stage 125' 6,395' 6,295' 10'
Stage One 1,684' 7,748' 7,493' 255'
Stage Two 1,666' 7,497' 7,234' 263'
Stage Three 3,443' 7,248' 6,382' 866'
TOTAL 6,918' (1.3 miles) 7,748' 6,382' 1,384'




What to expect when biking, hiking, dining or enjoying the new Mt. Bachelor ZipTour zip line at Mt. Bachelor during summer 2020? We’re thrilled to open for our passholders and guests, with no current capacity constraints or required reservations beyond activities that typically require reservations (E.g. Sunset Dinner, zip line, Gravity Camps), but all guests need to be aware of new protocol and policies in place to maintain safety and physical distancing guidelines. Personal responsibility is a core action required to successfully maintain summer operations. Guests are expected to adhere to all guidelines set in place by Mt. Bachelor or will be asked to leave the resort and risk future pass suspension or issuance of a Notice of Exclusion / Trespass. We ask that everyone Be Kind, Be Smart and Be Respectful. See ya this summer



The Fine Print

You are reserving space for which we have a limited capacity, and our cancellation policy is strictly enforced. All cancellations are subject to a 10% processing fee. Cancellations made to all, or any number of seats, on your reservation made MORE THAN 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE will result in a 90% refund. NO REFUNDS will be given for cancellations made to all, or any number of seats, on your reservation made LESS THAN 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. NO REFUNDS OR ALLOWANCES WILL BE MADE for any number of people in your party who do not show up for the scheduled trip. You will be held accountable for all reserved spots