Demo Center

The Demo Center at the Gravity Sports Shop is the best full-service on-hill demo center in the Northwest. The try before you buy experience allows our guests the opportunity to try several pieces of equipment each day. This makes for a confident purchase.

Whether you’re looking to demo skis, boots, or boards, or looking for a step-up in performance from rental gear, the Demo Center can hook you up.

Our demo technicians don't just turn screws and fix ratchet straps - they are also our experienced sales staff and master boot fitting crew. They're ready to answer your questions about this year's new gear and apparel, stretch a boot, or get your new ride prepped and ready to hit the snow.

Almost every ski, board and boot sold at Ski & Sport is available as a demo as well. This allows skiers and riders the opportunity to test the latest technology on snow - and deduct the demo fee from the sale price!

Ski only $62 $57
Ski Boot $45 $41
Ski & Boot Package $75 $65
Snowboard only $62 $57
Snowboard Boot & Binding $50 $44
Snowboard Boot $42 $36
Snowboard Binding $31 $26
Snowboard Package $75 $65

Demo customers are encouraged to try different gear during the day - up to 3 different set-ups - and our experienced and helpful staff will guide you toward selections that match your skills, goals, and budget. Wondering about the ideal ride for a given day? Just ask. Our staff is made up of dedicated riders and skiers who know the gear!

Not only is testing new gear fun, it makes good financial sense - we will apply up to two days' demo fees toward the purchase of that type item (once these items are discounted later in the season we can apply one day's fees toward purchase).

Looking for a particular ski, board or boot to test? Let us reserve it for you! We can hold one such item until 10:00 a.m. as much as three days in advance - please realize that occasionally a reserved ski may not be available due to a previous day's repair, and please call back in the case of a cancellation so we can let someone else take it out. To contact us, call 800.829.2442, extension 2119.

Demo Brochures

Interested in seeing our demo selection? Check out our ski and snowboard brochures to see the latest equipment that we carry.

Click HERE for a list of skis that we carry and offer for a demo.

Click HERE for details on the snowboards we carry and offer for a demo.