ALL OPERATIONS SUSPENDED: (3/20 Update) With the uncertainty of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and our commitment to the health and safety of our staff, our guests, and our community, we will continue to suspend operations. This means we are closed for now, including the West Village parking lot for winter overnight RV parking and its associated facilities, but our goal is to reopen as soon as we can. 

Please check our COVID-19 response page for the latest updates. 

Spending the night at Mt. Bachelor can be an incredible experience. Instead of driving back to town you can gather in the parking lot with friends and family after a day of skiing and wake up to the alpenglow in the morning. This experience will forever enhance your time in the mountains. Parking is available in powered hook-up spots or in the non-powered general RV parking area.

In order for you to make the most of your experience, below are some guidelines and pricing for overnight camping options at Mt. Bachelor.


Overnight RV parking during Mt. Bachelor's 2019-20 winter season will be offered from November 22, 2019 through May 24, 2020. New this winter, all RV parking must be reserved and paid online or at a ticket office (during open hours only). See below for prices and a link to reserve online.


Mt. Bachelor offers 20 spots with electrical hook-up capability, conveniently located next to the Mountain Gateway and Todd Lake buildings, where showers and restrooms are available.

  • $50 per night (regular) or $60 per night on peak dates, which include:
    • December 26, 2019 through January 5, 2020
    • January 17-20, 2020
    • February 14-23, 2020
    • March 20-29, 2020
  • $10 add-on charge, per night, for an additional vehicle
  • A 4% booking fee will be added to each reservation
  • Check-in time on arrival day is 6:00 p.m. (or later)
  • Check-out time on departure day is 4:30 p.m. (or earlier)
  • Friday night bookings require a two-night minimum
  • Please read the "Additional RV Parking Information" and "RV Cancellation Policy" below before reserving



Mt. Bachelor offers general RV parking in a section of the West Village parking lot. The number of RVs that will be accommodated in the general RV parking area will fluctuate throughout the season, based on the ski area's need to offer enough day-use parking for skiers and snowboarders - especially during high demand periods. When reserving RV parking online, the system will provide information about whether or not there are spots available for each night of inquiry.

If we run out of space in our West Village parking lot for RVs and trailers, parking is also available overnight and for day-use at many nearby Sno-Parks for a $5 overnight parking fee.

During heavy arrival periods, we plan to staff a parking host who will help you park in the next available space. During busy periods we ask that you please cooperate with all staff directions and park in an efficient manner. Please park your accompanying vehicle in tandem (back and front) in an approximate 20’ wide space.

  • $20 per night, plus a 4% booking fee
  • $10 add-on charge, per night, for an additional vehicle
  • No check-in or check-out times; you are free to arrive and depart at your leisure so long as your actual arrival and departure dates match what you selected in your reservation
  • General RV parking is capacity-controlled on a nightly basis and will be filled on a first-reserved, first-served basis
  • Please read the "Additional RV Parking Information" and "RV Cancellation Policy" below before reserving


NEW! 10-Night Card

New this winter is a highly-discounted 10-Night Card, valid for any 10 nights (subject to restrictions and pending space-availability) in the non-powered general RV parking area. Priced at $120, the 10-Night Card replaces the discontinued RV parking season pass and represents a savings of nearly 40% off the nightly parking rates. Guests may purchase multiple 10-night cards if desired.

  • $120, plus a 4% booking fee
  • Post-purchase, you'll receive a promo code via e-mail; enter this promo code when making nightly reservations
  • The purchase and nightly redemption of 10-Night Cards can only occur online; reservations using the 10-Night Card cannot be made in person or over the phone
  • Purchase of the 10-Night Card does not guarantee a spot; 10-Night Card holders must still reserve a spot in the general RV parking area, which is capacity-controlled on a nightly basis and will be filled on a first-reserved, first-served basis
  • 10-Night Cards are not valid to use/redeem during RendezVan (April 22-26, 2020)
  • Please read the "Additional RV Parking Information" and "RV Cancellation Policy" below before reserving



  • No sewage or tank-dumping areas are available at Mt. Bachelor.
  • The West Village parking area is an active overnight snow removal zone. Guests staying overnight can expect to hear vehicle and equipment noise throughout the night. Be aware that there may be a need for you to move your RV at certain times to accommodate snow removal activities. We will do our best to inform you in advance if this is going to be necessary. All RVs must be occupied overnight in case there is a need to move the vehicle.
  • We welcome RVs, trailers, campers, sprinters, mobile tiny homes, converted vans, pick-up trucks, and nearly every vehicle you are comfortable sleeping-in. If you have a fold-out tent affixed to your vehicle without a solid roof or siding, be aware that if it's snowing, has recently snowed, or might snow, you will be asked to close it up. We cannot risk your safety in a soft-sided tent when we're conducting snow removal operations.
  • Except as noted above, we do not allow tent camping at Mt. Bachelor.
  • Pay showers are available in the Todd Lake building at West Village; hours are 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tokens are available for purchase at a pay station kiosk.
  • Please pack-out everything you packed-in.
  • Please keep dogs on a leash and pick up their poop. Learn more about the Mt. Bachelor Dog Park.
  • Have fun and enjoy the night in the fresh Cascade air!


You are reserving space for which we have a limited capacity, and our cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance will be honored and will result in a $10 per night cancellation fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance. Mt. Bachelor is not responsible for any cancellations or modifications of trips due to weather conditions, road hazards, vehicle breakdowns or other unforeseen conditions that may hinder the ability to arrive for the reservation within 48 hours prior to arrival. Failure to show for a reservation will result in the cancellation of all future reservations made under the same name or vehicle with no refund. Passenger vehicles not accompanied by a Recreational Vehicle with the intent of overnight camping will be denied access to the space and will be treated as a no-show reservation.


Summer reservations will be accepted for nightly stays beginning June 13, 2020. There will be no overnight parking availability between the ski area's winter closing date of May 24, 2020 and June 13, 2020.

Much of the information above, regarding winter overnight parking, is applicable to summer overnight parking. Additional summer-specific parking information will be released in the spring.