About Play Forever

Mt. Bachelor and our parent company, POWDR, intend to Play Forever. Through Play Forever, we are committed to protecting the environment and inspiring participation in adventure. 

We’ve made great strides toward protecting the long-term viability of the mountain adventure community and the planet, including a nearly 50% reduction in our carbon footprint over a ten year period. But more can be done. Ultimately, the soul of our sports depends on the health of our planet, and protecting the environment is core to who we are. We believe we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep the places we love around. It is our intention to not only protect these places that enable a life full of adventure, but also provide access through community partnerships, scholarships, training, learn-to programs and empowering youth.

We share our mission to Play Forever with everyone who comes more alive in the mountains or while at play, and we express this commitment in unique ways local to each POWDR destination. A few ways our Play Forever commitment comes to life at Mt. Bachelor includes projects like our solar panel array on our Nordic Lodge, replacement of all non-essential single-use products with reusable products, LED lighting replacement, recycling centers at our various lodges, and more. 

POWDR’s founder, John Cumming, grew up skiing, hiking, climbing and loving to live the adventure lifestyle with his family, and we desire to deliver this same enjoyment to each of our guests and team members, for generations to come.


Mt. Bachelor understands the amount of waste that is produced within the ski industry, and we are dedicated to helping reduce that amount by eliminating single-use products from our waste stream, having a robust recycling program in place to help eliminate contamination in our recycling bins, and being involved in Oregon’s BottleDrop program  to help keep plastic and aluminum out of the landfills. Some of our other efforts include:

  • Installation of filtered water bottle filling stations to encourage the use of reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic water bottles
  • Selling of inexpensive, reusable water bottles to compete with the sale of single-use plastic water bottles
  • New ‘Recycling Centers’ at West Village Lodge, Pine Marten Lodge, and Sunrise Lodge to help reduce contamination
  • Replacement of single-use cups to reusable cups for soda and water
  • Introduction to zero-waste events with the help of our local friends, The Broomsmen
  • Complete elimination of plastic straws
  • Introduction of fryer oil recycling containers that will be turned into Biofuel, thanks to SeQuential
  • Remodel of kitchen facilities to allow for china service
  • Use of wax-free recycled paper for insulated cups in F&B locations
  • Reuse of existing signs and sign materials
  • Use of partially recycled paper products in all restrooms
  • Distribution of job applications via email instead of paper
  • Collection of season pass & event waivers electronically instead of paper


A lot of energy is needed to run a ski resort, and we have taken some steps to help reduce our energy use. We are currently in the process of installing an energy use tracking system that will further help us pinpoint where the waste is coming from. Some of our current efforts include: 

  • Installation of a solar panel array on the top of our Nordic Lodge which offsets 100% of Nordic’s energy needs
  • Replacement of old lighting fixtures with LED lighting at Mountain Gateway, West Village Lodge, Sunrise Lodge, The Nordic Center, and Pine Marten Lift
  • Investment in wind power Renewable Energy Credits to offset 100% of Mt. Bachelor’s energy use from 2005 to current
  • Involvement of the NSAA Climate Challenge which requires us to set goals and measure the success of the goals each season
  • Remodeling of buildings to install airlock doors to minimize heat loss
  • Virtualized and shrunk server size which drastically helped reduce power needs


Mt. Bachelor is just a short drive from the city of Bend, but there are a lot of vehicles that make the trek to and from the mountain every day throughout the summer and winter seasons. In an effort to reduce the number of cars on the road, we began a carpooling program in 2016 that encourages guests to link up with friends before heading to the mountain. Since 2016, this program has helped reduce vehicle traffic by an estimated 18,000 cars, annually. Mt. Bachelor has also partnered with Cascades East Transit (CET) to include Mt. Bachelor as a stop on one of their routes. This shuttle service is available to all Mt. Bachelor employees for free. For more information, please go here.