Nordic Rentals

Cross Country Skiing is divided into two styles: Classic (a.k.a. Diagonal Stride) and Skate (a.k.a. Freestyle). Classic skiing is an excellent introduction to Cross Country: easy to learn, the skier glides straight ahead in parallel tracks. Skate skiing, which is great for those who seek an aerobic workout, has a motion similar to roller-blading or ice-skating. If you have never skate-skied before, we highly recommend taking a lesson. Whether you prefer Skate or Classic, we have up-to-date equipment for your enjoyment!


Our rental equipment features the NNN binding system and top quality skis and boots from Rossignol. Package includes skis, boots, and poles.

  TEEN/ADULT/SENIOR 13 & over YOUTH 12 & under
Full Package - Skis, Boots & Poles $32 $20


Includes a Classic or Skate rental package (skis, boots & poles), 90-minute lesson and a full day trail pass. Sign up is on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Nordic Center. Designed especially for beginners, this is an excellent deal!

  TEEN/ADULT/SENIOR 13 & over YOUTH 12 & under
Full Package $90 $80


Exploring winter on a pair of snowshoes is a fun and relaxing way to experience the beautiful Deschutes National Forest. With the purchase of a Snowshoe Package, snowshoers have access to over 10 km of Snowshoe only trails within the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center Trail System.

  TEEN/ADULT/SENIOR 13 & over YOUTH 12& under
Snowshoe Package $24 $18


Try out a Pulk Sled and pull your infant behind you while skiing or snowshoeing! Pulks have a weatherproof shell and secure buckled harness. $32 per day. Quantity is limited so please call the Nordic Center at 1-800-829-2442 ext. 2211 to reserve.