What is Woodward?

Woodward is an experiential action sports company on a mission to inspire next generation sports experiences through intuitive programming and innovative environments. It’s where the most passionate people come together to stoke new levels of growth, confidence and a lifelong love of their favorite sports

Woodward comes to life at Mt. Bachelor as the Pacific Northwest's destination for action sports progression, providing mountain experiences built to inspire and empower youth to reach their potential and experienced athletes to take it to the next level. The Woodward experience at Mt. Bachelor includes Woodward Mountain Park in the winter and then, in the summer, Mt. Bachelor brings Woodward to Bend with the Woodward WreckTangle ninja obstacle challenge in the Old Mill District.


Whether you are a seasoned athlete or brand new to action sports, Woodward at Mt. Bachelor has something for you. Our intuitive approach to learning and teaching is a great tool for anyone. Our progression-based facilities and passionate staff help you develop new skills and achieve your goals. Woodward at Mt. Bachelor warmly welcomes any athlete; no previous experience is required, just interest.


Built to help you grow, Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor has three types of featured terrain venues - Learning, Experiential and Performance – and within each venue there are different zones designed to provide innovative ways to teach, learn, coach, progress and win. Each guest can choose their own path, build their own skills and have their own adventure at their pace. By learning in steps at your own pace, you're set up to learn more safely, have more fun, and start a lifelong practice of living an active lifestyle.


We show you the value of confidence that comes from courage. We help you understand that inspiration and imagination go hand in hand. And that having fun is, well, what it’s all about here. With the right mindset, determination and leadership, anything is possible. So, come ready to achieve.


We put the focus on fun to keep the newest generation of athletes coming back for more. The Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor is specifically designed to engage and entertain to enhance the learning experience and lead kids to become life long action sports athletes in no time.