Woodward Mountain Park

The Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor is a network of featured terrain zones that, together, offer a balanced variety of exciting on-mountain experiences for all ages and abilities. The Woodward Mountain Park is complete with base area learning zones, large freestyle zones and everything in between. Through an artfully constructed progression-based design, the Woodward Mountain Park guides athletes through an evolutionary journey that is ultimately controlled by their own personal goals and individual style.

As Mt. Bachelor receives more snow, the ingenuity of the Woodward Mountain Parks progressively takes shape. Set to open on for the season is the Woodward Family Cross zone and the revamped Cannon Beach, Otter Rock and lower Pacific City parks. 


With Woodward Mountain Park we are making the experience more fun and accessible for all skiers and riders, and engaging and welcoming every athlete. Built to help you grow, Woodward Mountain Park is designed with an intuitive progression philosophy in mind. Intuitive progression is achieved through a thoughtful terrain design process that allows skiers and riders to naturally discover their own personal skill and style. By learning in steps at your own pace, you're set up to learn more safely and have more fun.

Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out, there's always more to learn. Our progression-based Woodward Mountain Park is designed to ensure you have fun while practicing your sport. We're dedicated to helping you develop new skills and achieve your goals with pride. Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor warmly welcomes anyone; no previous experience is required, just interest.



A playground on snow filled with featured terrain, the Woodward Start Park and the adjacent First Rays covered conveyor carpet lift are where first time skiers and riders start their journey as a Woodward athlete. Built and designed to effortlessly guide users through each section, the Woodward Start Park features slight contours in terrain aimed at controlling speed while gradually raising the bar, making for the smoothest transition in learning. The Woodward Start Park maintains an amplified tactical and visual experience for first timers, making their introduction to sliding on snow a fun and comfortable process.

Located just outside of the Sunrise Lodge rental shop, both the First Rays carpet and the Woodward Start Park are FREE for all guests to access during regular operating hours. Pick up a free access ticket at Sunrise Lodge.


Once you've conquered the Woodward Start Park, the next step in your journey as a Woodward athlete is into the Woodward Progression Parks. Woodward Progression Parks offer seamless progression to fast-track your comfort and ability level in the Woodward Mountain Park. You'll find small and small-medium jumps, ride on boxes and maybe a of couple low ride-on rails.

There are three levels of Woodward Progression Park zones, denoted with / symbols.  


A first timer learning based terrain zone with small snow features built on a slight grade, small rollers and banked turns. Progression Park / is served by the Lava Tube conveyor carpet near Sunrise Lodge.


A beginner learning based terrain zone with snow features and rollers, slightly larger than those found in Progression Park /, small mini pipes, ride-on jib features equal to or just inches above the snow surface. Progression Park // is served by the Lava Tube conveyor carpet near Sunrise Lodge.


A beginner freestyle terrain learning zone with stop and drops that include level snow features separated by fencing, so athlete takes them one at a time instead of flowing through a series of features. The stop and drop style of Progression Park /// helps beginner Mountain Park riders to really hone their skills one feature at a time. Progression Park /// is located on the I-5 run near the top of the Rainbow Chair.


Family friendly experiential terrain within the Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor, our three adventure zones provide fun in the trees for intermediate to advanced skiers and riders.


The Volcano Adventure Zone is a family-friendly adventure zone featuring narrow trails in the forest that follow the natural dips, rolls, twists and turns of the volcanic terrain underfoot. Served by the Alpenglow Chair and also accessible from the Sunrise and Rainbow lifts, a visit through the Volcano Adventure Zone will not only be a fun-filled adventure, but you'll learn about various aspects of Mt. Bachelor's geologic and volcanic history on your way down.


The terrain beneath the Rainbow Chair is naturally characterized by berms and rolls, and the Rainbow Adventure Zone amplifies the roller coaster-like landscape with additional small berms, hips, rollers and banks to amplify the fun.


A long-time Mt. Bachelor classic, Dilly Dally Alley officially joins Woodward Mountain Park this winter. Twist, turn and bounce your way through a narrow gully starting off the right side of Marshmallow and crossing under the Sunrise lift.


Sure, everyone loves groomers - low risk, smooth terrain, perfect for the whole family to enjoy together. But when cruiser groomers become stale, what's the next level up?

Imagine your favorite natural terrain gully, but groomed and enhanced with minimal to moderate shaping. The Woodward Family Cross zone transforms the former Short Sands park on lower Roostertail into a low level family race track of mellow banked slalom turns to tame cross course features and built on a gentle enough pitch to prevent excess speed.

The Woodward Family Cross zone provides an enhanced on-mountain family experience for Mt. Bachelor families by creating a fun run for skiers and riders of varying levels to enjoy together. You'll find a fun and flowing course with banked turns and rollers that use as much of the natural terrain as possible. Features are almost all made of only snow - with the possibility of finding just a couple jibs.

Access the Family Cross from the top of the Sunrise and Rainbow lifts.


The I-5 Small Park will have a flowing collection of small jumps, berms, rollers, hips, rails, boxes and transition features on the riders' left side of I-5 run, leaving the right side for those who want a mellower groomed cruiser. Ride the Rainbow Chair for a top-to-bottom adventure in the I-5 Small Park.



Peace Park was founded in 2011 by Danny Davis, a Grand Prix Winner, X Games Gold Medalist, Dew Tour Champion, and a U.S. Olympic Snowboard athlete. Danny created Peace Park to be a new type of on-mountain experience that reinvents freestyle terrain with a focus on fun and flow. Peace Park began as a secret "pros only event” to experiment with new types of terrain and transition combinations. Today’s Woodward Peace Park expands on Danny’s original vision by making Peace Park open to the public.

When Danny created Peace Park in 2011, he believed that people who could freely and creatively express themselves doing what they love in the outdoors were as close to achieving peace as possible, hence the name Peace Park.

Today Woodward Peace Park brings Woodward, an experiential action sports company, together with Peace Park, to expand access to more creative, progressive and cutting-edge terrain. Woodward Peace Park builds on Danny’s legacy while also incorporating Woodward’s focus on self-directed learning, fun and intuitive progression. Woodward Peace Park will be open for everyone to enjoy and will only be found at POWDR resorts, including Mt. Bachelor.


Woodward Peace Parks are built for intermediate and advanced riders with something for everyone. Woodward Peace Park transcends standard slopestyle and halfpipes, has more flow, transition, room to breathe and options for creative expression. Snow shredders on snowboards and skis are all welcome.


There are several ways to experience Woodward Peace Park and the best part is it isn't an added price. Simply purchase an existing pass or a lift ticket and you are on your way.

At Mt. Bachelor, Woodward Peace Park will be served by the Skyliner lift. The upper half will be a new park next to the existing Pacific City park, while the lower half will replace the park that was previously known as Seaside. Be sure to follow @woodwardpeacepark and @woodwardmtbachelor on Instagram for the latest on Woodward Peace Park.


Named after prominent Oregon Coast surfing beaches, the Pacific City, Cannon Beach, and The Point parks are designed with higher skilled athletes in mind, welcoming those looking to hone their skills on medium and large jumps, rails and boxes. Get those new tricks dialed, or perfect the ones you've got. Once enough snow has amassed, our masterful park crew will make your jump line dreams come true with aptly spaced jumps in Cannon Beach and The Point. Lap these parks from the Skyliner lift.


Highly visible from the West Village base area and beneath the Pine Marten lift, Mt. Bachelor's Woodward Performance Venue is where our park masters design custom-made courses for special events. From the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge to the 10 Barrel Hella Big Air, the Performance Venue is yours to sample if you feel up to it. Or you can watch the pros show their stuff from the comfort of the lift ride or while enjoying a beverage on the Clearing Rock Bar deck.


Typically open and sculpted from February through May, the 18' Woodward Halfpipe is located next to the Performance Venue and beneath the Pine Marten lift.