Woodward Mountain Park

The Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor is a network of featured terrain zones that, together, offer a balanced variety of exciting on-mountain experiences for all ages and abilities. The Woodward Mountain Park is complete with base area learning zones, large freestyle zones and everything in between. Through an artfully constructed progression-based design, the Woodward Mountain Park guides athletes through an evolutionary journey that is ultimately controlled by their own personal goals and individual style.

As Mt. Bachelor receives more snow, the ingenuity of the Woodward Mountain Parks progressively takes shape. Set to open for the season is the Woodward Family Cross zone and the revamped Cannon Beach, Otter Rock and lower Pacific City parks. 


With Woodward Mountain Park we are making the experience more fun and accessible for all skiers and riders, and engaging and welcoming every athlete. Built to help you grow, Woodward Mountain Park is designed with an intuitive progression philosophy in mind. Intuitive progression is achieved through a thoughtful terrain design process that allows skiers and riders to naturally discover their own personal skill and style. By learning in steps at your own pace, you're set up to learn more safely and have more fun.

Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out, there's always more to learn. Our progression-based Woodward Mountain Park is designed to ensure you have fun while practicing your sport. We're dedicated to helping you develop new skills and achieve your goals with pride. Woodward Mountain Park at Mt. Bachelor warmly welcomes anyone; no previous experience is required, just interest.

zoom view of map of woodward mountain parks at mt. bachelor